Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday afternoon

Hi Georgie very sick with an infection overnight. Starting her on anti biotics this afternoon.
If she was much worse we would have to take her to hospital.

I went to a field day at Trangie today and met up with quite a few farmers i have not seen for some time. There is still a huge groundswell of feeling and support out there.

Would you also please pray for a colleague called Ken who has had several operations to remove brain tumours. The tumours have regrown and he is in a very bad way now. A friend Col who is a Christian is going to see him tomorrow and would appreciate some prayer. We do not think that Ken would know Jesus. Col will need a lot of strength to talk with him.

I am reminded of the thief on the cross. He had nothing to offer and no life left to give but Jesus still took him home.


  1. Oh no, I didn't realise Ken was so bad again. My thoughts & prayers are there too.

    So glad that you caught up with people in Trangie and were well-supported.

    I pray for Georgie and all of you. Thanks for the updates.


  2. Dear Greg and Ange,

    Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Will pray for Ken that He will know God's love.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Friday, and praying the anti biotics are working for our Georgie and hospital is not needed - please Lord!
    Also, will pray for strength for Col and the Holy Spirit to open Ken's heart for him to receive the life that is availableto him, even now....
    in His perfect love

  4. Ray & I are praying for you & your Family especially Georgie. We will also be praying for Ken for the Holy Spirit to touch him & for God to make a way of Col to speak in his life . Love Norma & Ray xx


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