Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday morning

Hi folks, Friday evening was terrible, but later she settled and slept all night allowing us to do the same. Saturday night was good also. Last night not too bad.
She got the shivers for a while yesterday afternoon. The temps respond to panadol which is good.
In the main though she was a bit better on the weekend than late last week.

Another little story.
When we were in Westmead a fellow used to come in on Sunday afternoons and do a kind of massage therapy called Bowen massage and it used to seem to relax Georgie.
I was just remembering it the other day and wished I could remember how to do it.
A couple of days later i got a phone call on the way to work and it was Anges first day teaching at Wellington so she was with me. It was a guy from Ridgecrest Christian camp site called Clive Gibbs. Ange said "I bet that's Clive and Jenny Gibbs", who she knew from Kurrajong days.
He wondered how i knew so much about Ridgecrest. I said " I'm a Christian mate, I 've been out there".
I went out to see what the issues were with the playing field and his wife came over while we were talking and found out who i was and then found out I was Georgie's dad and she said Greg have you ever heard of Bowen massage? I have had it on my heart to come and do it for Georgie....
Anyway they called in at home the other day and Jenny did some massage.

Some other questions:-
Yes ange loved her first few days teaching.
Yes it's still raining - our third good weekend of rain since Christmas now.

Thankyou for your prayers for sleep. When we can get some sleep we can cope.

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  1. Oh Greg,
    Yes, what a great, big, 'small world' is our Christian family - brothers and sisters wherever and whenever we need them! God gives them to us at just the right time, in the most amazing days! Clive and Jenny - what a truly, merciful blessing. Jenny's mum was actually one of 'my little old ladies' (as I called them - being in my 20's) who were such wonderfully special women in my early married days - and later ones as well. What grace, truth, love and Christian growth i experienced under their loving care!!! Thank You wonderful God!
    Sleep - ah yes! Thank You God!
    Bowen therapy - yep once more!
    luv2uall as always.....


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