Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi some good news and some bad news for those I've asked us to please pray for.

Georgie is OK.

My friend Luke's Grandson is doing really well. The infection in his liver cleared up, his bile duct came clear and most of the dreadful disease scenarios Drs were looking at as possible causes have now been put aside. He is home now and Drs said they don't expect to have to see him again! Thankyou Lord. Luke was appreciative of the prayer.

My boss Chris' condition has worsened and he has been sent home to Wagga private hospital after his tumour regrowing, his health deteriorating and he picking up some infections. His prognosis is I am told very poor. My friend Simon went to see him today and said Chris is now receiving no treatment and basically saying goodbye to people. We prayed earnestly for him about 7 years ago with leukaemia and he has had no sign of it since just before Easter. He has a wife and two young teenage boys. This is a big shock to everyone in our unit at work especially since our colleague Ken passed away with cancer only very recently.

So many people have told us at times of their tragedy and so many have said "but it's nothing like what you have had to go through" One of the indiscriminant or unquantifiable things about pain and suffering is that no-one knows what you really feel and there is no level, no barometer by which it is measured. I think the negro who said Nobody knows the trouble I've seen nobody knows but Jesus. was right. Thank God we have the Holy Spirit - the comforter.

This verse from proverbs makes a lot of sense.

Proverbs 14 v 10 The heart knows it's own bitterness and a stranger does not share it's joy

I looked up a reference to it and the word in the King James for share is "intermeddleth" which apparently is not used anywhere else in the bible.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Praise and thanks, once more, for His love and care of Georgie!
    Also, for Luke's grandson, his family and for Luke himself ... we thank our wonderful God!
    For Chris, his wife and boys, my heartfelt prayers; as you so correctly said, no one can know another's suffering and emotions, but after recently going through a similar scenario with my cousin, by his bedside in hospital, I watched his goodbyes, prayed for him and all who visited and maybe having this time is a blessing .... only he and his family will know what their perception is. Also, prayers for comfort for all in your unit.
    Of course, continued prayers for you special, and for our Georgie.
    in His perfect love

  2. Hi guys!
    Its been a while since we popped in but have been praying for you all still.
    Blessings in Yahweh!
    Sending our love xox


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