Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi all,
Georgie had a good day.
Ange went with Em and two friends for a day trip to see an open garden. Beautiful days lately.

I went down to Wagga with a mate yesterday to see my boss Chris and it went very well.
His wife Kerry and the two boys were there but noone else so we had a good visit and he was very happy for me to pray with him.
I asked had he put his trust in God now and he said yes mate yes mate simon's friend yes.
I was satisfied he had come through and just encouraged him to keep trusting God now.
I was told tonight he is not so good and he was a bit frightened.


  1. That is so great Greg. I received your early message today as well. God bless you for your faithfulness. Mirrie

  2. Once again, Greg, praise to our wonderfully caring heavenly Father, full of grace and mercy ................
    Thank Him for the beautiful days (and cold nights, so that we appreciate our many blessings of warmth, and the touch of His Son (Sun also) during the days), for the time for Ange and Em (with friends), together in an open garden .......
    for your visit to Chris and his salvation ....
    now you know he is not alone, ever again, on this his final journey and where he is going!!!
    Praise and thanks Chris' wife and boys were there to hear and see ........
    Above all, praise God for His continual care for Georgie, while we await His healing ......
    Continued prayers, as always .....
    luv2u in His perfect love

  3. Great to hear that he has put his trust in God. I pray that God's peace will comfort him.

    Thanks for the updates. So happy Ange and Em got to have a lovely day.
    much love xxxx Nadine


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