Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sat 1st May

Georgie been ok during the week, a bit chesty today. Ange and Em took her for a long walk.
We have had quite a few visitors lately and it's been nice catching up with them.
People tell us daily that they are praying for Georgie and it's such a great encouragement to us.
We had bible study at our place last night and Georgie was very settled throughout it. It was great to be able to do this and all be together again as we've only had one other since Georgie got sick 3 years ago.
I have not heard any news on Chris.
My workmate Luke's grandson is doing well and the bile duct is unblocked now. They are all very relieved.
Among our friends in our bible study is Paul who we prayed for around 4 years ago after he suffered a terrible bleed on the brain and was found unconscious. The worst the drs had seen. He was in a coma for some weeks but miraculously he came through with no after effects. He went in to see Georgie in her room last night. It must be very hard for him to see Georgie and know that he was there too.
Almost everyone in our bible study deals with something. one girl has only 5 to ten percent vision. A great witness. She loves God and often would walk across town through the dark to get to the hospital to visit Georgie at night and would keep her company for an hour or two then send us a text message saying evrything was ok and we didn't need to go in. I thanked her once for doing this and she said you never need to thank me, when i am in here I feel God's presence like I never feel it anywhere else even in church. What a wonderful God who makes Himself known.

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  1. Hi Greg

    It was lovely having a chat with you and Ange today. Continuing to pray for Georgie's full recovery. We place our confidence in the Creator, Governor and Preserver of all things.

    Mirrie and Ron

  2. Wow Greg,
    Bible Study at your place - how wonderful is our God!
    Visitors! Walks! Paul! The young girl, with poor vision, I remember! Luke's grandson! Continuing in prayer for you all, as tonight's service at church began a series on Job. Why do good people suffer? We don't always know the reason, but we do know God!
    Thank you for your perserverence in all aspects of your lives; as you witness to us, we perservere with you all.
    Prayer for Georgie's chestiness and humble thanks for her being settled during Bible Study.
    in His perfect love


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