Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday night

Wet, wet, wet up here. Steady rain for several days now.
Ange and Em and James all in town at a fundraiser for some kids going on a short term mission to Thailand. Georgie and I at home - she unsettled and just had a big fit a little while ago which is unusual.
Had some friends drop out today. Amanda and Ange were both in hospital together when Georgie and her little Holly were born. Holly and Georgie used to do dancing together at Nyngan. It is the most beautiful thing you ever see when your little girl comes out onto the stage in a little tu tu.

We had our home group last night. Was very sad that a number of people in the group do not really know for sure if they are truly saved or if they will definitely get to heaven. One lady feared she would be one of those whom God says "I never knew you" to.
My observation is that when people doubt their salvation, struggle with sin and believe God is not helping them they give up in despair. (and the enemy rubs his hands together because he has neutralised them) Those who accept they are truly saved and nothing can change it get on with the job of the cause of Christ from a heart of gratitude.
1 John 3 v 20 "For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things".


  1. Hi Greg,
    Well ... wet, wet, wet most places, and it wasn't so long ago we were all praying for rain! How fickle we humans are one realises, when we hear complaints about the rain.... always reminds me of the Israelites.
    So sorry to hear about Georgie's fit; haven't heard of that for a long time.... wonder what our Lord is doing........
    Not sure of salvation ... yes, very sad! Will pray for them, especially that lady. One of our Ministers once told a new Christian, who struggled in this area, that if she had asked Jesus to be her Lord and Saviour, was she then calling God a liar by doubting His promises? Interesting .........
    Continued prayer, as always,
    luv2uall in His perfect love

  2. Praying Georgie is much better than last night. Still believing for a miracle for her, you and all those who stand as the two or more who ask believing...

    The saved or not question... I went through a year where every passage I read seemed to be telling me that I'd lost mine. That 'I never knew you' verse was like a dagger. Salvation is by grace alone but we are told to walk as He walked and when you fail constantly you wonder if you're the one who had seeds that were sown in the shallow and grew but withered in the sun. I can tell you... I really feel for those people you mentioned.

    Always thinking of you with much love xxxx

  3. Thank you for continuing to share your courage and faith.


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