Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hi things have been really hard lately for all of us. To be honest we feel almost at the end of our tether after about 6 weeks of little sleep.
Georgie has just not been going so well and has been sick a lot. (more than usual that is)
We appreciate your prayers for strength. We are hanging out for the end of winter hoping Georgie's lingering chest trouble will clear and she will become more settled again.
Last night was the worst. All of Dubbo's electricity went out between about midnight and 3am. It seemed as though Georgie stirred and was sick for about the same 3 hours. It was pretty tough trying to suction her by torch light.
We are sure just pondering lately if it will ever end!
Well better go - a somewhat deflated Greg this evening!
On the positive side a little fellow we have been praying for who had a heart op a few weeks ago has been making steady progress which is heartening to see prayer being answered.

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  1. Dear deflated Greg,
    How human you all are - how tired you must be -how normal must your questioning be, and sound, to a loving heavenly Father!
    Praying for strength, for lovely spring days (with rain????), warmth and clear chest for Georgie. Praying for encouragment for you and a love that knows no limits, no matter how stretched at times.
    I often recall God's repeated calls to the Israelites - to remember.. . . . .
    Continuing to leave you all at the foot of the Cross ....
    luv2u as always in His perfect love


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