Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday 16th

Hi Georgie has survived another trip to hospital and is back home with us again today.


  1. Hi, i've been looking at Job in the bible and though strugling to understand what years of suffering and the patients to endure must be like, well I keep thinking of you guys and how you have it all (patients, perserverence, love of God, and eternal hope) and to know that Job did nothing wrong, that his friends and wife thought well you must have done something wrong and suffering is what you should get.... well thanks be to God that that was not the case and that his faith endured and he came out the other end restored by God. I hope you understand, Love to all, always in our prayers and minds.
    Oberon killeys

  2. Still praying each day later
    in His perfect love

  3. Hi Guys, Was at school last night (doing some studies at Tabor college) and was in my Ministry of the Spirit class. We were discussing the gifts of the spirit this week which are in 1 Cor 12, especially prophecy and healing. We had a special pray for healing for Georgie and was once again reminded that our God is great and through the power of his Spirit healing can come. We will continue pray for this. Love Lisa xo

  4. Praise the Lord!
    Love to you all,


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