Thursday, September 24, 2009

thursday 24th Sept

Hi there praying friends of Georgie. Georgie has had a reasonably good week at home again now.
The weather has been warming up a bit which will be better for her chest.
We all went for our first family walk with Georgie the other afternoon with her in her wheelchair. We stopped and talked with one of the neighbours. It was hard for her as she hasn't seen Georgie since before she got sick. This is hard really.
"suffering" changes many things. Some friends go and then others come.
It was heartening last Sunday at church to hear that a Vanuatuan fellow has the churches in Vanuatu still praying for Georgie.
A friend from a little country church said on Sunday morning that a guy was praying for Georgie in their service and then a prayer like he'd never heard before just came forth. The guy praying said he had never been so moved by the spirit in a service before.Indeed this gave them hope that God was still on the case.


  1. Amen mate - it is encouraging to know God is still on the case hey!
    Praying for you all.
    Thanks for the email Greg will try and send one back soon.
    Love to Angie and all the kids.
    Lusi + Brett + the kids xxx xxx

  2. Hi Greg and Ange,
    Good to hear that the last week has been good. I was hoping that the dust storm hadn't affected Georgie's chest too much. Take care of yourselves. We're still praying with you, Cath

  3. Hi Greg,
    As friends of Georgie, we are so thankful our wonderful God is blessing you .. at times we don't feel it - but always special when we do realise it!
    As friends of Georgie we continue to pray for you all and pray the wind from down here stays away from you so you may enjoy more spring days, as a family, in God's awesome creation.
    in His perfect love

  4. Just came by to drop you a note because you guys were really on my heart. Want you to know we are still praying for Georgie and you.

  5. It's so good to hear the phrase 'we all went for our first family walk'! Spring time is such a special time of the year. It's so wonderful that you are living as a family once again - you all needed that so much. There are so many up here praying for you all and we know God is with you. What a special touch for the Vanuatan church. You are so right about suffering changing many things. Thank God for His promise that one day there will be no more pain or tears for those who belong to Him. Love to you all, Vivienne & Co


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