Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve

Hi friends, (all 65 of you!) thankyou all for your prayers this year!
Many ups and downs and too many close shaves to even remember them all.
Many times of despair and times we have also known divine peace.
Praying God will bless you as you earnestly seek Him.
With much love
Greg, Ange, Em, James and Georgie.
PS Georgie not too bad at present, been taking her out for walks in the afternoons.
Anyone passing through Dubbo please come and see us.
ph 68850072

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  1. Hi Greg,
    Pray you had a peace-filled Christmas time. And, writing on New Years Eve, of course I pray for the miracles to continue throughout 2010, for you all.
    Finally caught up with the 'blog'- some heavy reading amongst the 'tranquil times'. Thank God He is continually answering prayer and lifting you all up when needed. Reminded of how nothing is allowed, or sent, with which we cannot cope - WITH FULL DEPENDENCE ON HIM!!!
    Still believe Georgie is aware of all going on around her, and her being sustained and comforted by a loving Freind and Saviour who can fully identify with her (and yours) suffering and journey.
    Thank you also for the photos, especially of your loving Ange and Georgie out walking. Special love and prayers to your beautiful Em, and James as well.
    luv2u and continual prayer for you all, in His perfect love


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