Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things gone pear shaped again

Hi after Georgie's rapid recovery (Sunday Monday) she has now been battling for the last two days and nights with a chest infection which flared up in hospital and was partly overcome by the treatment for the UTI. It has been pretty constant for the last 48 hrs so none of us has had much sleep.
We have let palliative care know and they will come out in the morning to see what help they can be eg provide some oxygen etc and giving some advice on pain relief. Just having to play it all by ear and seeing what she and God want to do.
If she deteriorates we will probably have to take her to hospital tonight.
The strain on Ange particularly is awful and she is on her own most of the day with Georgie.
So again we value your prayers.


  1. We are definitely praying for you all. Please keep us updated. She is God's precious child, her life is in his hands. Good hands, she's in good hands.

  2. Standing with you guys.
    Sending up our prayers to Him and sending out our love to you all.
    Lus + Brett + kiddo's

  3. G'day guys!
    Still thinking of you often and praying for you. Hope the infections clear quickly and you can all get some rest.
    Give me a yell (via Ro's email) if there is anything I can do to help physically.


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