Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday pls pray re pneumonia.

Still battling. Georgie is at home but the pneumonia is unrelenting.
All very tired up for about 4 hrs each night lately so only getting a couple of hours sleep.
Have had a lot of difficulty getting a GP for Georgie as I suspect most drs just don't want to know about her.
This was initially at the paediatricians prompting as he considered his time too important to spend on Georgie.
Had a bit of a breakthrough there when I met a friends sister at Christmas carols on saturday night - she phoned a dr friend of hers who has even been praying for Georgie on a prayer chain. She will take her on in the new year and can do home visits.
The main issue is that she get through the pneumonia now. Hospital drs are so hard now about antibiotics etc.
Funny thing happened to day. Georgie needed some decent chest physio. I prayed at lunch time that a certain nurse would come out today- and she did! She said "I'm not actually meant to be here today in fact I was out on another job but they rang me at about 12.45 and said leave that job and go out to Georgina". (I didn't tell her about the prayer......)

Yesterday our dogs strayed off and didn't come back which they don't normally do. Got a phone call and they were at a farm up the rd. Went to get them and met a lovely family with ten kids. we got talking and basically they have a daughter whom they care for at home much like Georgina. They were at westmead under the same drs etc and in the same ward. There were some awful similarities. Their little girl has maybe a kind of autism which causes bad seizures. The mum said she used to see Georgie in Dubbo hospital when she was in with her girl - yet we never saw her in there. She said every time she walked past Georgie's room she just wanted to go in and cuddle her and talk with her as she looked so beautiful.
Anyway it was mutually beneficial talking.
Wow - what can happen when your dogs go walkabout.

Had a visit today from Hooleys at Murrumbatemen who have laboured long in prayer for Georgina. They testified that each time they were despairing for Georgina they were told "pray for life" so this is what they have been doing ever since.


  1. Hi guys praying for life here too! Praying for strength, wisdom and compassionate care from God to be given to the health professionals. What an incredible story about the nurse called in (!) and the dogs with the family!!! He is in control and still orchestrating things beautifully. Sending our love to you all xxx

  2. I'm still praying and am amazed at the wandering dogs story. How beautiful.

    I wanted to wish you all the best for the Christmas season. May His peace and joy be with you all.



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