Monday, December 7, 2009


Georgie had a settled night last night and was mostly off oxygen.
The nurse remarked "she is so tough!" The same nurse had been very concerned with the breathing on Friday night. She will still need to battle off the chest infection completely. The dr said the other night she did not know that the anti biotics could catch it.

The UTI she had is being treated but she developed another complication with a chest infection.
On Friday night her breathing was so rapid and so shallow and at times there were even pauses in the breathing and she just was not keeping her oxygen sats up enough.
I rang two other hospitals to speak with palliative care staff and also the palliative care nurse at the hospital (who has never been brought in before as nobody lets her know when Georgie is there- I did not even know there was one) They all gave useful advice. The staff worker at the hospital seemed very helpful and said she could be a go between to stop all the pressure from drs etc. This we have found has become worse than dealing with the sickness itself.
I rang my old dr from Nyngan who is a very good GP who passes through Dubbo fortnightly about possibility of home visits. This would be something good to pray about as Ange and I have had it with the hospital and the stipulations they are putting on us.

Yesterday afternoon we had a lovely time where Em, her school friend Helen and our pastor's son Tim were all baptised at the river. About 80 people came down from various churches and some school friends.
The kids all went swimming afterwards.
I will put some photos up some time.
It was a very moving ceremony and Em shared some of her faith journey of going through some valleys esp when she was separated from us when they were forced to stay at Dubbo when we were with Georgie in Sydney in 2007. She said the Psalms became a real comfort to her during the loneliness and worry.

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