Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well Georgie got through the night OK.
I got up at about 2am til 4am and she was very peaceful but it seemed scarcely breathing. I just sat with her reading and put her on some oxygen which the Lourdes hospital nurses brought out. These times are so special and it is not a strain to be up at that hour when she is so restful and peaceful. Just speaking the word over her and praying.

Fortunately the reflux she had so much over winter has left her alone for the past few weeks.Praying it stays away.
Ange thinks the UTI has now pretty much cleared up. Thankyou Lord.

Yesterday afternoon Barb Malcolm brought her two daughters out and two young sisters who were very good friends of Georgie. They have made a habit of coming every Friday afternoon since Georgie got back. It is wonderful to see them come in and hold her little hands and talk with her. They all pray for her. They left a card for her which was beautiful telling of their love for her and her friendship. They are such a blessing.
The Lourdes hospital nurses who came out were a welcome relief. No arguing or haggling over what should or shouldn't be done, no opinions etc just helpful. They brought out an oxygen unit which will help her when she has times of breathing difficulty.
They are going to try to find her a GP who can come to the home as we have had no luck ourselves. If this can be done and she has oxygen at home then there is little need for her to go to hospital esp as we find ourselves exhausted by the time she comes out of hospital again.
They have also undertaken to look into some minor things for her which will make some things better for her. They also wanted to get some blood samples done and see what she really still does or doesn't need in terms of things like liver function test etc. This is important to know for even simple things like how much panadol we can give. The reality is that nothing has been altered since she left Westmead almost a year ago and little has been investigated on any basis to see whether she does or doesn't need it. Not talking in terms of seizure meds here just the extra things she gets.
Also going to investigate the necessity for the central line which has an infection in it and is quite likely the culprit for the high temps etc. It has really only been used a few times this year and last time she went to hospital they didn't even put her on a drip.
Well it is a great relief to know we can do most things at home now and with a bit of extra back up and support.
She is in God's hands. Safe.

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