Friday, March 12, 2010


Not the best night for Georgie. Been settled this morning's shift though. Mum and Dad visiting this weekend which will be lovely - Mum always does all of the cooking! (and we always get a roast- she knows what makes men happy!)
As always prayer for wisdom - hard to make sound judgements when you are so fatigued.
We do have a home visiting GP called Sandra now who is a Christian also and who tries to be helpful and positive.

A friend Julie who works for Uniting church chaplaincy from Hillston just rang to see how we all were. She spoke about a guy in Hillston who makes these little carved wooden "holding crosses". Julie said she would never have thought of them once but has given a few away after disasters and so on. Sometimes there are no words and they just hold these crosses and it gives folks something to hold that keeps them clinging to God when there are no words. The fellow who makes them said he just gives them away down the street; grown men have wept on his shoulder. What a wonderful God who puts such things into the hearts of men.
She also spoke about a "thanksgiving" service to God with the combined churches to thank God for the rain he has sent. They held it at the banks of the Lachlan river as the river was rushing past them and had been so dry for so long.
I read an amazing story to Georgie the other night - the sort where you stop reading audibly and just read on silently until the person says keep reading- only Georgie couldn't. It was of a woman who became a Christian through the prayer of a neighbour even though when she met that person her heart was hard. This person kept praying for her for 7 years. She was a wealthy business woman but she sold her three businesses and set up a Christian organisation.
She smuggled bibles into China. She took two sacks of bibles to a house but all of the believers had been arrested by the authorities. She found a ladder to an attic and climbed up it. She found rough hand made pews and knew this was their church. She waited and prayed. After a while a little old toothless woman came out from behind a false wall. She showed her inside and all of these children were hidden in there. The families of all those taken away. A book shelf was there with hand copied bibles on it that the children wrote out a page per day. A man was there who had been continually praying for ten days for someone to bring them bibles.

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, forthey shall be filled.


  1. Dear Greg,
    Thank you for keeping us up to date on 'our' Georgie (pray you don't mind the our). Thank God for His provision of Sandra; and for the testimonies of people who have been so richly blessed.
    Thank God for our special Mum's - and thei cooking! What a wondeful weekend for you all!
    The other night - Georgie would have been waiting for you to continue reading ... truly ...
    Yep, continued prayer for wisdom, guidance in all decisions and true rest for you all.
    That word .... blessed .... we are indeed ....
    luv2uasalways in His perfect love

  2. Continuing in prayer, Greg .....


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