Thursday, March 11, 2010


Georgie sick again today and shaky from infection
We will try to get antibiotics again today for her. This UTI she picked up in hospital is proving very persistent.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer Romans 12:12

How different to the world. We often feel the chief aim of some medicos is to destroy our hope. They even mock us at times sometimes behind our backs and sometimes to our face.
Yes it is hard to forgive but we know it is not an option not to. Pray for your enemies.....
It is so hard to love someone who thinks your daughter should die. God created man and they not only wanted his son to die but carried it out.


  1. Hi once again Greg,
    Praying now!!!
    At Home Group we have been looking at a study by John Stott titled "Jesus Christ" - our study last night was 1 Peter 2:18-25 under the heading "Model in Suffering". Yes, indeed, we should follow our Saviour's example, but yes, we are human. A note I have written alongside this passage is: when wronged, don't do what comes naturally; do what comes supernaturally!
    Thank God for God!!!
    Praying for you, and we who love you, for submission to our Lord Jesus Christ, His example left to follow, strength and obedience to pray for those 'stoney faced medicos.
    Strange about their thinking ..... they think our precious Georgie should die - obviously our God thinks differently!!!!!
    luv2ualloncemore in His perfect love

  2. Dear Greg & Ange,
    I did a stint at the Aboriginal Health Service after I left ag. I learned so much there - mostly that there wasn't a lot of service in any health service. There's not a lot of respect for anyone with long-term chronic illnesses. You really have to find a special doctor to find anyone who does care. The main aim seemed to be fix 'em up, get the money and get them out. Anyone who didn't fit that mould, was "too difficult". I was shocked by the treatment of people with bad diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. They weren't easy to cure, so most health staff weren't interested. If you find a nice doctor who cares, and nursing staff who care, you're lucky. We had a lovely doctor, but he left town.
    I know it's personal, but you won't be the only people treated like this. It's seems endemic to the system, sadly. My heart breaks for you that you don't have a lovely doctor there who cares.


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