Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi the usual ups and downs with Georgie. She was somewhat better again over the weekend. ie she had no temperatures. Yesterday afternoon was one of those rare times when she is a bit awake and peaceful even looking a bit more contented at times. Last night she had another choking episode.
Things have been settling a bit with the nursing staff. I don't know what caused the trouble nor why it settled but we have been praying it would.

A verse I've been thinking about "For David after he had served God's will and purpose and counsel in his own generation, fell asleep"


  1. Hi Greg,
    ... and thanks for the news. God has all things in His control, even the unknown (to us). Praise Him for the settled nursing. Will be praying for no more choking episodes for Georgie.
    Praying for you ALL
    in His perfect love
    luv2u annec

  2. Hey guys :-) our computer has been playing up a little but am glad to log on today and read your news. Greg I've never read that verse before about King David- thank you for sharing it. Well praying for you all; that His encouragement, strength, love, hope, joy and peace be yours! Love to you all from all of us xxx xx


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