Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The next test

Hi folks Georgie has been sick a lot again lately days and nights blur into weeks somehow so couldn't really say how long.
We have had a turn of events with the nursing side of things.
First a nurse resigned then the nurse in charge of the Uniting Care resigned (her mum going into a nursing home in NZ) then another nurse has resigned leaving only two nurses in the agency. They have other clients besides ourselves so yesterday I was called by the nurse and went home and she left and the afternoon shift did not come out.
Today no nurse at all.
Without nursing help Ange will have to stop work altogether and I may have to consider what I do with work.
We are going to approach Baptist Community Services again though a year ago they told me they don't look after kids only elderly folks.
We don't know of any other agencies around Dubbo. There is supposed to be no trouble with funding but now just not enough nurses.

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