Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Happy birthday to Mum!

Well we got through the meeting today - just. They had started the meeting with an "end-of-life" plan and discussions about the use of morphine etc so not a good way to start.......They get so bogged down in all of this stuff.

I walked in to find about ten stony-faced people in the room. (brought back memories of all those dreadful meetings at Westmead) Ange had been delayed until the main meeting was finished as HomeCare had forgotten to roster a nurse on at home while we went to the meeting they had organised.
The funding for the home care help should continue but the additional funding for some extra things may not continue after June. The home care ladies and the hospital NUM and Lourdes hospital lady were all so helpful and kind as they always are. I cannot praise them enough.

They do not have the right facilities or surgeon to take Georgie's central line out in Dubbo and it is full of infection so it never gets used and now not even flushed anymore as each time it gets flushed Georgie gets the shakes due to a sudden influx of germs. It is now just a useless piece of paraphernalia that gives her infections and is a hazard.

There was some talk of a medication review which I've asked about for some time but they said she would have to go to Sydney for it. (Late last year the hospital Dr suddenly decided she did not need one of the anti-epileptics anymore (because it cost too much) and just reduced it by half overnight and said you can take her home now. I refused and said she can stay in here for a few days until you can observe whether it works or not - which it didn't at that time.)

Maybe they can do both while she is down there - if she goes? Something else to pray about. Somehow I have always thought she would go back to visit Westmead again.
Sometimes it is strange but I actually miss it. I miss those folks who are so full of faith who come and with passion pour out their hearts to the Lord for Georgie. Those who dreamed dreams and saw visions - really did. Those who saw angels in Georgie's room - even nurses. We found a Dr in ICU just sitting in the corner in the dark one night. Ange asked him what he was doing and he said "I don't know really it was just so peaceful in here i couldn't leave". The prayer walking and the friendship to other families in distress and church and prayer meetings in Sydney and of course having our family around.

Em said at the table last night she wants a birthday this year as it will probably be her last one at home for a while as she hopes to go off next year when she has finished school. It has all gone too quickly. (I am sure I was just feeding her with a bottle last week...)

Thankyou for praying for Ken and Col. I have not been able to find out if Col was able to share anything with Ken or not. Ken passed away on Friday and his funeral was today.

I have been reading a lot lately and particularly enjoying a book called "Hardcore Christianity" by Angus Buchan. Some of you may have seen a movie about him called "faith like potatoes".
He is a 58 yr old South African farmer and evangelist. He has been running Christian men's conferences on his farm for some years now and this year they expect 400,000 men. There are many amazing and miraculous stories in it. People raised from the dead, cripples made to walk, deaf ears unstopped and many many conversions. Sometimes people are just not healed - he does not know why- that is the Lord's business he says.His is to preach the gospel and to do what James says to lay hands on the sick and pray the prayer of faith. His priority is for the gospel - the other things follow.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Constant love and prayers for 'our' Georgie, her comfort, peace, strength and freedom from infection as she travels along her walk with our Lord.
    Once again, God just has those medical people stunned - where are all their answers? In God's timing, in His way, Georgie will be healed and maybe then they will 'see'! Westmead would seem like 'going home' in a way - after all that part of your journey entailed!
    Just where does Em plan on going next year?
    And, praying for James too - as well as you and Ange, of course.
    How is Ange going with her work?
    Will be out of touch for a couple of days but not out of prayers, so
    luv2uasalways & prayers in His perfect love

  2. Hi Greg, Ange, Emily and James.
    This report shows where the Hospital System is at. Life is so precious and we pray for them to receive a big dose of the Holy Spirit and me to receive a bit more Grace. We will continue to keep your family in prayer for that Supernatural Healing that our Big GOD can only bring. Your Faith has encouraged us to keep praying.
    Gods riches Blessings.
    Ray and Norma

  3. Hi guys!!! Much to continue to pray for, much to continue to praise God for too! We loved 'Faith like potatoes' and will try and get a hold of the book i think. Sounds so encouraging! God is SO big and mighty and can do so much can't He! I'm not sure if I've shared about one of my dearest friends with you. At the age of 9 she began having alot of pain in her body and subsequently was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 11. Since then she has had 4 hip replacements. She is now 34. She is a constant inspiration to me. When she is in pain, she is real and says that it hurts but she also chooses to continue to praise God through it all, declaring His faithfulness even when so many can not understand why she has not recieved healing. One day we were talking it and about our son with Autism and how we too had prayed and yet he our living reality was so difficult daily. She said, "You know, the Bible doesn't say that it will be perfect on this side of heaven". That has stayed with me a while now. She also reminded me of how the Word says that we are to 'share in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death'...Not sure why I'm sharing all that but just felt to. What a beautiful banquet feast we shall all enjoy in the Courts of the King together some day!
    Love hugs and kisses to Georgie and of course to Em, James, you and Angie.
    Love all the Austins xxx xxx


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